What if my cart has not been picked up by my former trash hauler?
-The other haulers are responsible for picking up their cart and will typically do so shortly after your last day of service. If they didn’t pickup their cart please contact them directly. Your former hauler will not allow us to contact them on your behalf.

How often will I receive a bill?
-Your invoice will be sent once every 3 months.

Can I pay my GarbageMan, A Green Company bill online?
-Yes, please choose your city and state under the "Residential Services" button above. On the left hand side click the button that says my account / pay on-line. Your online access code will be on your first invoice.

When does my cart need to be out each week?
-We ask that all carts be placed by the curb before 6:00A.M. the day of your pickup. Please place your cart facing the street and at least 10 feet from any objects.

What happens if I get my trash out late?
-GarbageMan will take double the volume the next week on your pickup day. If the cart is full, extra bags can be set on the side with no extra charges. Call our Customer Service department to arrange for extra trash to be taken.

Do you pick up bulky items?
-Yes, please call our Customer Service department at (866) 808-8777 for rates and scheduling.

What should I do with yard waste?
-The options for yard waste pickup and disposal vary from city to city. For information on your city please go to garbagemanco.com and click on the Residential Trash Service Tab and select your state and city. On the left hand side click the services tab and select yard waste. You can also call our Customer Service department for assistance.

Can I put construction waste next to my trash?
-No, construction waste needs to be disposed of differently. Please refer to your city or county websites for additional information. Links to these sites are listed for your convenience at garbagemanco.com.

What can I do with hazardous waste, like aerosol spray cans, paint and paint thinner?
-You will need to bring these items to a Household Hazardous Waste Facility (HHW) which varies for each city. You can contact your county's HHW Department for additional information. NOTE: CO Residents can recycle empty aerosol spray cans.

What if my cart is broken or has a bad odor?
-If your cart is broken please call our Customer Service department at (866) 808-8777 to arrange to have the cart replaced. If your cart has a bad smell the best way to clean your cart is to use some soap and bleach and rinse it out with a hose.

Can I be rewarded for recommending GarbageMan's service to friends or family?
-Yes, you can earn 1 free month of service for each new residential customer you refer to GarbageMan. Free months will be honored after the referral has paid their first quarterly bill.